Tri-Mix Tungsten Proven to Last Longest

Diamond Ground Products has been offering Tri-Mix Tungsten - a scientifically balanced blend of three oxides in one multi-purpose tungsten - for a decade. However, despite their claims of “longest-life possible”, it has never been proven…until now.

A recent study by students at the Conestoga College Welding Engineering program in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada pitted Tri-Mix tungsten against an array tungsten including Thoriated, Ceriated, and Pure. The results were dramatic, and Tri-Mix tungsten was the winner!

According to Jim Elizarraz, President of DGP, “Tri-Mix offers stability and consistency to increase weld quality and service life dramatically. It increases the number or arc starts and decreases the amount of misfires. It features a low work function, so it requires less energy to start and runs cooler than other tungsten. Finally unlike 2% Thoriated, Tri-Mix is also a non-radioactive tungsten.”

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