Teseq Offers USB Interface Option on All RF Power

Teseq, a leading developer and provider of instrumentation and systems for EMC emission and immunity testing, has now a USB interface available as an option on the complete range of Teseq power amplifiers. The range covering 10 kHz through to 6 GHz and power levels from 12 to 1000 watts can be remotely switched from standby to operation mode and operation status monitored, when fitted with the interface.

Conditions that can be monitored are:

  • Operate / Standby
  • Interlock status
  • Fault status
  • Local lockout

Teseq's Compliance 5 test software has standard drivers to interface with the amplifiers. The amplifiers are also supplied with a simple program that enables direct control of the amplifier via a PC and a dynamic link library file that will enable it to be controlled by other test software packages.

With the addition of this option, an extra interlock function is included. Two BNC connectors on the rear of the amplifier provide both S/C and O/C monitoring of external switches. This provides the safest and most flexible method of protecting the user from unsafe levels of RF power.

This new facility enhances the performance of Teseq's expanding range of Class A power amplifiers designed for use in EMC testing.


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