Telecom 10/700 μs Pulse Module TSM 3751 Surpasses

Teseq has developed a 10/700 μs telecom module to fit either into an NSG 3060 test system or into an expansion housing which can be controlled via touch panel of the NSG main unit. The new pulse generator modules can be combined with standard test modules like EFT and combination wave to suit user’s application. The 10/700 μs telecom wave generator is used to test ports intended for connection to symmetrical communication lines.

The Telecom Surge Module TSM 3751 generates test pulse of 10/700 μs as described in IEC/EN 61000-4-5:2005 and IEC 60060-1, ITU–K series, ANSI/IEEE C62.41 and several EN standards and the safety standard of UL 1950. Because tolerances can be taken into account, it will also cover the 9/720 μs pulse given in ANSI-TIA-968-B. Therefore, the pulse will fulfil the new IEC recommendation of open circuit voltage of 10/700 μs and the short circuit current pulse measuring of 5/320 μs.

The test voltage satisfies the basic requirement of IEC up to 4 kV and surpasses the UL1950 safety test recommendation of 7 kV. For convenience and fast test setup, the impedance is selectable just by a tap on the touch screen, depending on test setting from either 15 or 40 Ω. The fast minimum repetition time of 20 sec. gives three times more test margin compared to the given IEC recommendation.


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