TANK-101B-D525/N455 Fanless Embedded Controller with Dual Core Intel® Atom™ D525

An integrated circuit (IC) connected to external ports is susceptible to damaging electrostatic discharge (ESD) pulses form the operating environment and peripherals. Additional protection can violate stringent signaling requirements, leaving design engineers with the need to balance performance and reliability.

The Control Area Network (CAN) is a serial bus system, originally developed by Bosch for use in automobiles, and now is increasingly being used in industrial automation. IEI TANK-101B build in on board CAN controllers, the IEI CAN provideds bus arbitration and error detection with an automatic transmission repeat function.

This drastically reduces the chance of data loss and ensures system reliability and are suitable for networking intelligent I/O devices such as sensors or actuator of machines or plants. and on-board optical isolators along with additional protection design protect your system and equipment against damage from ground loops and electrostatic discharge (ESD) pulsed, which increase system reliability in harsh environments.


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