Tangential Rolling Heads

LMT-Fette is pleased to announce the expansion to its Tangential Thread Rolling system with the addition of the new T120F, T160F, T220F, and T350F Thread Rolling Heads. LMT-Fette rolling attachments have been recognized around the world for economically providing cold forming thread profiles on screw machines and CNC lathes. LMT-Fette has developed the new T3 digit F series rolling attachments to enhance the already wide range of sizes available to thread roll. The new T3 digit F series heads are capable of rolling 5/649–29 thread sizes.

The T3 digit F series heads features fine adjustment for accurate sizing of fine-pitch threads. T350F Tangential Thread Rolling system is designed as a large capacity head capable of rolling sizes from 1/49–29 threads. All the T3 digit F series attachments can be setup quickly even outside the machine. Because of the symmetrical adjustment of the rolls with the setting screw, it can be adjusted to the exact setting. The body of the T3 digit F series attachments has been improved with more than 20% less structural length, making installation on all CNC lathes possible.

The T3 digit F series Tangential Thread Rolling attachments can be applied to materials that have an elongation factor of greater than 5% and material hardness up to 32 Rc. These conditions provide optimum roll life, depending on the number parts produced.

The heads in LMT-Fette’s full line of Tangential systems are known for easy, quick setup. The T3 digit F series is the answer fine pitch profiles and large profile sizes. The new T3 digit F series Thread Rolling system is designed to cover a wide range of thread sizes and widths. The T3 digit F series is capable of rolling thread behind the shoulder. They are the optimal solution for threads that are short in length. The T3 digit F series are also designed for the NPT (NPTF) thread family from 1/169–1-1/29. They have been optimized with new, safe setup roll drives, and new carbide drive axles for high stability and long head life.


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