Taking Technology to the Next Level Levelflex FMP55 Series Featuring SensorFusion

Endress+Hauser's new Levelflex FMP55 series is now enhanced with groundbreaking SensorFusion technology to offer best-in-class guided radar measurement in difficult applications such as interface measurement with emulsions and indeed any other applications where echo loss is a problem.

A clever combination

With an installed base of over 1 million Levelflex measuring points, Endress+Hauser has harnessed all its experience to create a guided radar device that really delivers on performance in the field. Using SensorFusion technology as a world first, the new Levelflex FMP55 series combines the tried and trusted level monitoring capabilities of capacitance level measurement with the all the advantages of guided radar continuous monitoring - in a single instrument!

Eliminating echo loss issues

Signal loss can be a costly problem in many of the traditionally 'difficult' applications. Other instrumentation or heating elements within a vessel can cause problematic signal drops and emulsion layers and multiple fluid levels present problems in interface level measurement due to changing dielectric constants. Whilst some sensors provide for the programming of constants, small changes in dielectric constant and emulsion layers can drastically affect reliability of the measurement. Not with our new Levelflex devices! The integration of a capacitive level technology provides a second line of defence against signal loss, continuously calculating the dielectric constants to sustain measurement reliability.

Multi-echo tracking

With the new Levelflex series, we've taken existing technology to the next level with our 'fusion' device. And it's not just the hardware that we've improved - we've thought about the software too! Developed to allow for a more reliable measurement by utilizing multiple echoes to track obstacles accurately within a vessel, the software combines increased echo rate and analysis with the automatic suppression of interfering echoes. Dynamic, continuously adapting evaluation algorithms guarantee precise measurement results.


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