T-Slot Cylinder Sensors with Integral M8 Connector

The new T-slot cylinder sensors with integral M8 connector are suitable for consistent wiring. The position of the M8 connector directly on the sensor results in space savings in the cable duct and prevents an entanglement in cable loops. Typical applications can be found in industrial environments such as packaging and handling or special purpose machinery.

The sensor is simply inserted into the slot from the top. The self-locking mechanism allows easy one-hand mounting on the T-slot. For other cylinder types such as trapezoidal slot, tie rod, profile or cleanline cylinders, ifm electronic offers a wide range of adapters and mounting clamps in different sizes.

The sensors in identical housing designs are available either as electronic versions (PNP or NPN), or with a reed element, e.g. for Festo or SMC cylinders. The response sensitivity of the sensors is 2 mT (PNP /
NPN) or 2.1 mT (reed).


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