SRB & Sea Water UV Treatment Packages

atg UV Technology have recently designed and manufactured a state of the art, containerised UV disinfection package for the treatment and removal of SRB's (Sulphate Reducing Bacteria) from sea water.

The system incorporates two parallel trains of three SX-635-16 UV Systems in series.  To avoid problems associated with maintenance and corrosion, atg UV Technology manufactured all UV systems, manifolds and associated piping from Super Duplex 25% Cr Steel.

The UV treatment package included six SX-635-16 UV chambers, six power control cabinets, two three in one integrated SPECTRA control panels, 18 inch manifolds, 12 x 16 inch butterfly valves and a state-of-the-art UV Transmittance Monitor.  

All the equipment was installed within a custom made, 20ft offshore rated shipping container.  The container design included interior and emergency lighting, air conditioning, heating, insulation, drip trays, custom designed crew access doors and was designed for a single point lift.  Additionally a specially designed recessed power socket was provided for ‘Plug and Play' operation on site. 

Each UV treatment stream is designed to treat over 1000 m3/hr with a minimum dose of 40 mJ/cm2 at a transmittance of 90%.  The normal operation capacity for the system is 3000 m3/hr using 3 x UV systems, however up to 6 UV systems can be brought online at once to accommodate either a drop in water quality or an increase in flow.      

UV disinfection, supplemented by periodic shock dosing using chemical biocides is perfectly suited to down-hole injection applications, and has proved to be both a cost effective and highly efficient method of removing harmful microorganisms such as SRB's (Sulphate Reducing Bacteria) from water sources.

A correctly sized atg UV system such as the featured atg UV disinfection package dramatically reduces the amount and frequency of chemical dosing and vastly reduces the associated handling / transportation costs.  Estimated savings for a SRB treatment application such as down-hole injection switching to UV treatment are substantial in chemical biocide cost savings alone.


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