Specialist Hinges and Sealing for Glass Doors

FDB Panel Fittings take very seriously the specialist areas of door and panel hardware – one such area is that which serves the fitment and operation of glass doors. The need for glass doors in 19” racks, office furniture and domestic cabinets is met by their new range of 304 and 316 grade stainless steel glass door hinges in satin finish, as well as polished, brass and bronze finishes – each installed without metal to glass contact.

Accompanying accessories include stainless steel flush door pulls in matching finishes and a selection of edge mounted silicone rubber sealing systems and polypropylene brush seals. Door weights of up to 80kg and thicknesses of 10mm to 20mm can be accommodated with standard hinges. Sealing accessories are available for 8mm to 20mm glass.


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