Solid State Supplies Announces Ultra-Bright Ultra-Violet LED Emitter with 30 W/cm2 Radiant Flux Density

Solid State Supplies has introduced a 24-die, 400nm wavelength, ultra-violet LED emitter with industry-leading radiant flux of 30 W/cm2. Manufactured by LED Engin and rated at 90 Watts, the LZP-00UA00 comes in a 12.0mm x 12.0mm x 6.7mm surface mount ceramic package with integrated glass lens. The package features exceptionally low thermal resistance of 0.6°C/W, ensuring effective heat dissipation and long service life.

Typical applications include curing of printer ink and adhesives, sterilisation and other medical uses, currency verification, fluorescent microscopy, inspection of dyes, rodent and animal contamination, leak detection, and forensics. In some of these applications, the LZP-00UA00 is an energy-efficient, long-life alternative to mercury lamps. The robust, patented design of the LED emitter also makes it suitable for outdoor applications, where it is able to withstand high ambient temperatures and high humidity. The part is also offered in an MCPCB version in which the electrically neutral emitter heat slug mounts directly onto a 0.1 °C/W MCPCB copper core. This results in a typical thermal resistance of 0.7 °C/W.

Typical operating conditions are 700mA forward current at an applied forward voltage of 22VDC per channel. The device is configured in four channels of six die. The LZP-00UA00 is RoHS-compliant, conforms to JEDEC Level 1 for moisture sensitivity and is reflow solderable.


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