Solid State Supplies Adds Gore Franchise for EMI Shielding

Solid State Supplies has signed a franchise agreement with specialist materials company, W.L. Gore & Associates, to distribute its EMI shielding products in the UK. The product range includes adhesive-backed EMI gaskets for shielding at frequencies up to 40 GHz, lightweight multi-cavity board-level shielding for mobile communications devices, and grounding pads in a variety of electrically conductive materials. The products are compatible with both through-hole and surface mount electronic assemblies and, in some instances, can be retro-fitted to existing products.

Franchise manager at Solid State Supplies, Alan Hebdon, said: “Electronic equipment has to operate in increasingly RF-rich environments so reliable EMI shielding plays a more important role than ever. Gore’s products meet a lot of shielding requirements but add minimal size, weight or manufacturing complexity to end products, so they’re both effective and economical.”

Nick Forrest, responsible for Channel Management at Gore said - "We are excited by the potential for Solid State Supplies to grow sales of our excellent range of GORE® EMI products to new customers in the UK.”


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