Smart Imaging Simplifies Inspection, Traceability and Code Reading

STEMMER IMAGING, Europe’s largest independent supplier of vision technology and services to OEMs, system Integrators and reseller markets, will be showing the latest multipoint and single point intelligent inspection systems from Teledyne DALSA and the latest 3D smart camera from LMI Technologies. This impressive range can be used for traditional inspection applications as well code reading, verification and traceability.

The DALSA Boa single point inspection systems are robust, fully integrated intelligent vision systems designed for harsh environment factory floor deployment. Offering on-board image processing capabilities previously only available on PC-based vision systems, these compact cameras are available in a both colour and monochrome versions with a choice of resolutions. The DALSA Boa IDR version combines 1D barcode, 2D matrix and character reading and verification with pattern recognition capabilities in a single unit for checking barcodes, ‘best before’ dates, lot numbers and even logos.

For multipoint inspection, DALSA Geva is a powerful industrial controller which provides expandable GigE Vision camera interfaces and is designed for applications requiring powerful processing, high-resolution or multiple cameras. The LMI Gocator smart 3D camera is set to revolutionise industrial 3D measurements by making them more affordable. LMI Gocator is a simple-to use, all-in-one solution that makes 3D measurement and control for factory automation accessible to all levels of users. Pre-calibrated and designed to carry out 3D inspection and integrate with factory I/O using a built-in web server, LMI Gocator is network “aware”, allowing multiple sensors to be linked together for extraordinarily versatile measurement configurations.


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