Single Output Power Supply for Railway Applications from Martek Provides up to 100W

Martek Power, recognized as an industry leader in power supplies designed specifically for railway applications, announces the Powertron® VER series of low-cost, medium power, single output DC/DC converters. Key features include a very small footprint, 90% efficiency and a wide choice of input and output

There are two versions – standard and enhanced - designed to comply fully with the latest rail specifications and norms for protection and EMC. The enhanced version is intended for those applications needing compliance with class S2 supply interruptions where a 10ms hold-up time is required. All nominal vehicle
battery voltages are catered for by just two models, and the enhanced version adds active inrush current limiting and “good” output indication.

The new VER series DC/DC converters feature a very small footprint (110 x 70 x 40mm for the standard version) and are extremely cost effective. The low voltage input version covers 24 and 36V nominal voltages, whilst the high voltage version is suitable for 72, 96 and 110V nominals. Output voltages can be specified from 12V to 48VDC and maximum output power is 100W. All models are fully compliant with rail standards including EN50155 and EN50121.3.2. An optional ventilated steel cover is available giving protection to IP20. Operating temperature range is -40ºC to +70ºC with no derating.


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