Sierra Expands Award-Winning Smart-Trak 50 Series with New Medium Flow Controller

Sierra Instruments announces the global introduction of their Smart-Trak® 50 Series Medium Flow Controller. Their new mass flow controller increases the maximum flow range of the award-winning Smart-Trak® 50 Series from 50 slpm to 200 slpm. 

Sierra’s new 200 slpm controller is designed for OEMs who require higher mass flow control capability and advanced performance at a price point that meets their budgetary constraints.

“Our new 50 Series Medium Flow Controller is already a proven winner,” says Matthew J. Olin, President of Sierra Instruments. “We developed it early last year specifically for a high volume OEM customer who has a furnace purge application that requires accurate Argon flow control. They’ve been using the 50 Series in their furnaces to stabilize gas mass flow and temperature. They love the measurement repeatability because it has improved their yields. Our new instrument has proven to be the perfect fit for them.”

The 50 Series builds on the same core sensor, LFE and valve technology found in Sierra’s flagship Smart-Trak 100 Series, all backed by Sierra’s trademark personalized customer support. The 50 Series has a standard accuracy of +/- 1.5% of full scale that works for nearly all common semiconductor purge and carrier gases. A flexible and powerful direct-acting frictionless-hovering control valve sets it apart from the competition by minimizing leak-by, while offering +/- 0.25% repeatability.

It is the Sierra philosophy that only the highest performing core sensor technology can produce an excellent MFC. In contrast to the many wetted parts of CMOS and MEMS flow sensors, Sierra uses its advanced 316L stainless steel platinum-wound capillary sensor technology to deliver the highest reliability, repeatability and stable accuracy.

The Smart-Trak 50 Series offers flexibility and simplicity of operation. Both analog and digital inputs and outputs are available, enabling the 50 Series to work with older analog systems or the newest multi-drop digital tools. Field adjustment of zero and span enable the small adjustments in calibration necessary to align with on-site process conditions.


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