sara Polarises Industrial Doors

Since 2005, sara Loading Bay Specialists has been looking after the loading bay and door requirements of Polartech in Manchester – the leading name in metalworking fluids. Since the first HIGH SPEED doors were installed in 2005, Polartech has installed dock shelters, insulated overhead doors, and dock lights as well as master control panels to link the products together. More HIGH SPEED SRINT doors followed and according to Group Operations Manager, Mr Roman Mikolajewicz, the doors are performing really well, as you would expect from the premier product in the market.

Mr Mikolajewicz openly expresses his satisfaction with the door product saying

…”It was certainly worth viewing the sara “Sprint 3000” doors in action prior to purchase. Once viewed it was easy to see why this door is in a class of its own. The build quality and reliability is excellent with the added bonus of a corrosion-free anodised aluminium finish that is not only practical but is great from an aesthetic perspective. The “Sprint 3000” has many in-built safety features that include a non-contact safety edge, clear vision panels and a manual override in case of fire.  Having installed five of these doors at Polartech Ltd., I firmly believe that the Sprint 3000 deserves its ‘best in class’ status”.

The doors that are installed at Polartech are the SPRINT 3000 – which is a security HIGH SPEED door operating at 2.5m/sec to open. Vision can be achieved through the incorporation of viewing panels in the lath. Polartech’s doors have 3 panels but up to two thirds of the door can incorporate vision laths, with the added benefit of allowing natural light into the building. With its unique disc drive, the SPRINT 3000 is fast, quiet and low on maintenance. As a matter of policy, sara has always believed in quality, performance and safety through incorporation of the well known and proven non-contact safety edge that is fitted to each SPRINT 3000 as standard. This is in addition to the integral door-line photocell.

The company installs a wide range of loading bay products as well as Industrial Door Systems – they are highly regarded in the industry for their attention to detail and product quality.


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