Saelig Introduces Powerful Multichannel Audio Signal Processor

Signal Wizard 3.0 is a very powerful audio signal processor that features multichannel synchronous processing. It can mix, amplify, filter, delay and adjust the phase of individual input signals, selected by using the included intuitive PC software. Signal Wizard 3.0 features a 24-bit, 96 kHz codec with six analog input and eight analog output channels, and an internal DSP processing speed of 0.6 GMACs. Signal Wizard 3.0 also incorporates two digital audio (S/PDIF) inputs and outputs. Like its two channel equivalent Signal Wizard 2.5, the software requires no knowledge of mathematics or programming.

Signal Wizard 3.0 includes very powerful mixer functions - any channel can be blended with any or all of the other channels in any proportion, since the system incorporates mixer units at the input and output signal stages. Signal Wizard 3.0’s unique filter design engine enables standard filter types to be created using the easy-to-use graphical software, but it also allows completely arbitrary frequency responses, both in amplitude and phase, to be realized via a simple text file import.

The Signal Wizard 3.0 design features six analog and two digital (S/PDIF) audio input channels, a first stage flexible 8 x 8 mixer unit, a multichannel gain stage, a multichannel filter/phase stage, a multichannel delay, a final stage flexible 8 x 8 mixer unit, and eight analog and two digital audio output channels. Sample rates are selectable from 96 kHz down to 3 kHz.  Also included are USB, parallel and JTAG interfaces, enabling Signal Wizard 3.0 to be programmed in native DSP assembly code or high level languages such as C++ using third party compilers.

Performing up to 588 million multiplications and additions per second, Signal Wizard 3.0’s high quality analog signal conditioning with stereo 24-bit resolution is sufficient for the most demanding applications. Signal Wizard 3.0 brings the power of digital signal processing to any audio-bandwidth domain that requires electronic signal filtering.

Originally developed for teaching environments covering DSP principles and practical applications, Signal Wizard products are suitable for a wider range of engineering uses. Applications include: audio and sensor signal processing and conditioning, signal analysis, vibration analysis, education and research in electrical, electronic and other physical sciences, multichannel filtering, crossover networks, surround sound processing, adaptive filtering,  inverse filters, echo, real-time gain control, mixing, phase delays, time delays, sound focusing and beam forming, real-time FFT and waveform capture, Hilbert transform, quadrature signal processing, envelope detection, etc.


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