Saelig Debuts New Low-cost USB Microscope/Magnifier

Saelig Company, Inc. announces the MV200UM – a new 2 megapixel USB digital microscope for capturing high quality magnified images and video for display on a PC using a simple USB 2.0 PC connection. The USB-powered MV200UM contains a built-in white LED illumination ring for viewing circuit boards, tiny components and markings, examining traces and solder joints on printed circuit boards, or for detailed product examination and record-taking, inspection, and quality control purposes.

Simple plug and play operation with the included software allows objects to be magnified using MV200UM’s full-color 2 megapixel sensor on any Windows PC.  Two interchangeable clear ring-stands of different heights allow precise separation from objects, providing up to 200x magnification on a 17” monitor with the MV200M’s 1,280 x 1,024 pixels.  The microscope can also be handheld at distances of 8mm to 200mm for inspecting parts at lower magnification.  Fields of view can be as small as 1.9mm x 1.5mm, or as large as 82mm x 65mm. Moving images can be displayed at 30fps in VGA resolution via the USB 2.0 interface too.  The free software included allows snapshots, video recording, taking time-lapsed pictures, and making calibrated measurements.

MV200UM comes in a lightweight 4oz, attractive black 36mm x 120mm housing with easy access to power, snapshot, and focus controls. It is ideal for industrial inspection, science education, forensics, printed circuit board (PCB) inspection, medical, serial number identification, printing, quality control, parts assembly, etc.

The MV200UM package includes: Miview Microscope, microscope rest, two transparent stand spacers for different focal lengths, Miview Software (Windows XP, Vista, 7) with measuring and calibration functions.


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