Room with Acoustics

Brüel & Kjær is now offering the very latest room acoustics measurement software, DIRAC 5.

Created by Acoustics Engineering, DIRAC is PC-based software used for measuring a wide range of room acoustical parameters.

Based on the measurement and analysis of impulse responses, DIRAC supports a variety of measurement configurations. For accurate measurements according to the ISO 3382 standard, users can make internally or externally generated stimulus signals through a loudspeaker sound source. Survey measurements are easily carried out using a small impulsive sound source, such as a blank pistol or even a balloon.

Speech intelligibility measurements can be carried out in compliance with the IEC 60268–16 standard for male and female voices, through an artificial mouth-directional loudspeaker sound source, or via direct injection into a sound system – taking into account the impact of background noise.

DIRAC is a valuable tool for field and laboratory acoustics engineers, and also for researchers and educational institutions. As well as measuring acoustics within any room or space, users can compare the acoustics of one room with another, validate sound systems and perform scale model measurements.

Brüel & Kjær is the sole worldwide distributor of DIRAC 5 software.


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