Ronadeck Leads a Path to Peace

In May 1999, His Holiness the Dalai Lama opened and consecrated the Tibetan Peace Garden next to the Imperial War Museum, London, UK. The Peace Garden was commissioned by the Tibet Foundation and built on land provided by Southwark Council. It has been donated to the people of Britain for all to enjoy.

The Tibetan Peace Garden honours one of the principal teachings of His Holiness - the need to create understanding between different cultures and to establish places of peace and harmony in the world. It is hoped that it will create a deepening awareness of His Holiness’s thoughts and words.

At the same time the Garden also serves to create a greater awareness of Buddhist culture. The contemporary western sculptures (which are set on a north, south, east, west axis) representing the four elements Air, Fire, Earth & Water and the language pillar with its carving in four languages of a message for the millennium by His Holiness The Dalai Lama, form a symbol of the harmony that can be created between different people and cultures.

Ronadeck Resin Bound Surfacing was laid onto a new tarmac base forming the paths that run throughout the gardens, gently blending in and harmonising with the peace and tranquillity of these gardens.


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