Rapid Viscosity Measurements with µVISC

RheoSense, Inc. is proud to announce the release of µVISC (micro VISC), the newest viscometer utilizing VROC® technology. This instrument provides a very high level of accuracy and repeatability in viscosity measurement, yet is competitively priced.  The µVISC is fast, easy to use, and can satisfy industry’s growing demand for an increasingly efficient quality control protocol.

The µVISC provides fast, accurate viscosity measurement in a small, elegant package.  Its user-friendly interface as well as its singular technology gives you quality results quickly, allowing you to fully meet your quality control goals.

VROC  (Viscometer-Rheometer-On-a-Chip) is the only MEMS microfluidic chip-based viscometry technology in the world.   The operating principle of this technology is well-known for its simplicity and accuracy in the field of rheology, and is described in most rheology textbooks.  Some ISO test methods also adopt this principle.


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