Quality Tools for Photovoltaic Plug Connectors

During the installation of photovoltaic systems, it is still necessary to customize and assemble cables on site. This kind of work must often be carried out on roofs or in areas that are difficult to reach, and installation technicians frequently face high-risk situations.

In addition, connection errors may also arise. Wieland Electric offers multifunctional quality tools for correct, safe and quick installation of photovoltaic systems.

The significant market penetration of Wieland Electric’s PST40i1 DC photovoltaic plug connectors proves their suitability for long-term use and the high quality of these system components was underlined when the PST40i1 achieved first place in last year’s comprehensive PV plug connector test for the specialist magazine "Photon Profi". The photovoltaic plug connectors are available in two versions: a version for assembly in the field and a customized pre-assembled version.

Installation and solar technicians only need two tools for field-assembly plug connectors: A Multitool and a torque ratchet. Changing tools frequently can present difficulties, especially when installing roof systems. The Multitool replaces several individual tools, makes installation work easier for the technician and increases efficiency. The two robust quality tools are ideal for the installation of large-scale photovoltaic systems as they are easy to handle and suitable for repeated use.

The high-quality precision tools are made of metal and have ergonomically formed handles. They can be used to cut, strip and crimp fine-stranded photovoltaic cables with cross-sections of 4 mm² and 6 mm². The Multitool closing tool is designed in such a way that the crimp contacts are always in the correct position. The brass crimp contacts of the PST40i1 series are turned, silver-plated and characterized by an extremely low electrical transition resistance. Contacts cannot be crimped incompletely, as the tool only opens when the cable has been completely crimped. The crimped cables latch audibly into the PST plug connector housing, ensuring that the crimp contacts are positioned optimally and safely. If necessary, the crimp contacts can be released using a special tool, for example, for repair work or quality checks. The great benefit of this design is that the plug connectors are re-usable.

The second quality tool is a metal ratchet for tightening the strain relief. The open ratchet ring wrench is used to tighten the screw connection (with the crimped cable in place). A standard SW 13 wrench can be used to lock the counterpart into place. The torque is permanently set to 4 Nm and the ratchet lever is released when a greater force is applied. This way, the technician can be sure that the screw connections are tightened correctly, ensuring that photovoltaic plug connectors are sealed up to degree of protection IP 67 for long periods of time.

Wieland Electric offers special cables for electrical measuring devices for checking and measuring the currents and voltages in photovoltaic modules and photovoltaic systems. The precision DC measuring cables are pre-assembled with a standard safety connector for multimeters on one end and a PST40i1 plug connector on the other end.


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