PlantTriage Diagnostics Automatically Initiate Work Orders

ExperTune's PlantTriage can now share information with maintenance planning and other enterprise resource planning (ERP) tools. PlantTriage's diagnostics can be used to initiate work requests for instrument repairs, control tuning, and valve replacements.

Proven in hundreds of plants worldwide, the PlantTriage control performance monitoring system automatically diagnoses and prioritizes process, control, and instrumentation problems, 24 hours a day. Integrated analysis and tuning tools improve plant results by focusing effort on the most critical issues.
"PlantTriage contains tremendous knowledge of the process and the equipment. Now, users can fully integrate that knowledge into their ERP system workflow." says George Buckbee, ExperTune's Vice President of Product Development.

The new integration tools can be applied to any of the 20 "Problem-Solver" reports that come with PlantTriage. Beyond that, users can design custom reports to pass any set of PlantTriage information, directly from a web browser interface. A flexible XML intermediary language enables users to further customize the information being passed. This new approach complements the existing capability to share data via OPC, email, and export to Microsoft Excel and Word.

John Gerry, President of ExperTune, adds, "One key to delivering bottom-line results is to use control performance data in the daily workflow at each plant. These tools streamline the workflow process, accelerating the pace of improvement." The new tools are included in the version 10 release of ExperTune's PlantTriage software.


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