Piezoelectric Force Washers with New Nominal (Rated) Forces

The piezoelectric force washers in the CFW series produced by the measurement technology specialist HBM have proven themselves in numerous applications since their introduction.

The complete delivery with centering rings and plug protection characterize these sensors as much as the excellent linearity resulting from the symmetrical design.

In order to meet the demand for an expansion of the nominal (rated) force range, two new variants of the CFW type piezoelectric force washers are now available. They offer nominal (rated) forces of 100 kN and 190 kN, usefully rounding off the series range.

The new sensors evidence all advantages of the known force transducers and are also delivered complete with centering aid and cable protection. HBM has once again expanded their product range in the sector of piezoelectric force measurement technology.

The new sensors have an internal diameter of 13 mm (100 kN) and 21 mm (190 kN), and are therefore suitable for mounting on bolts and screws with the corresponding diameters.

In addition to the above-mentioned advantages, the new types are characterized by a very low displacement - like all members in the CFW type family - which results in high rigidity and a very high resonance frequency. This makes these sensors unusually suitable for highly dynamic measurement tasks.

When selecting the nominal (rated) force, only the necessary overload capacity and the geometric requirements must be taken into account, as all piezoelectric force washers output approximately the same output signal for any given force. All force washers are tested before delivery and are delivered with a test certificate.


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