Oil Free Air or ISO 8573-1 Oil Class 1 Users

BEKO Technologies are pleased to announce a new and we believe unique service to users of high quality compressed air. For the last 2 years BEKO Technologies have been selling the METPOINT OCV to customers who are required to have a regular in-line monitoring of the residual hydrocarbon vapour in their compressed air stream. A number of customers have asked us for the possibility to measure multiple points in their systems several times a year and this makes a stationary system uneconomical. The solution is the Mobile METPOINT.

The device has multiple measuring modes and will measure the following parameters plus the flow through the device which is useful if the whole compressed air stream is being flowed through the device.

  • Residual oil content (in the form of vapour) in mg/m3
  • Pressure dewpoint in ̊ Ctd
  • Temperature in ° C
  • Relative humidity in %
  • Operating pressure in bar (g)

The unit should only be installed on systems behind oil free compressors or systems which include well maintained carbon filtration because the unit is so sensitive and will measure down to 0.003 ppm of oil vapour in the line, well below ISO 8573-1 Class 1 for oil.

Why would we measure after our oil free compressor you might say? Basically because the air entering a compressor contains hydrocarbon vapours which will not be captured by a filtration system, only by a carbon filter or better a carbon tower. BEKO Technologies are not suggesting that oil free compressors do not do what they are specified to do merely that no one can control the quality of the ambient air. We have some experience of customers installing the METPOINT OCV and believing that the device was not working because the reading was too high but in all cases there was found to be issues with the inspired air or in the case of filtered systems, problems with maintenance and life on carbon filters being lower than expected.

BEKO are offering this product via the service department who will install the unit for the required test period, remove the unit and then provide detailed information on the measured results.

Please contact BEKO for details of price and availability.


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