NP267E2 Constant Voltage Driver for Unipolar Steppers

The NP267E2 chip from Nippon Pulse is a high-performance, low-voltage constant voltage driver for stepper motors with unipolar windings. This chip, which is an EMP16 package, allows for a maximum motor output of 60V and a maximum current of 500mA, which improve the reliability of the system. The pulse input (Pulse&Dir) system enables the user to easily switch between half and full step modes.

With the 60V maximum phase output, the user cannot exceed the phase output margin of the motor, which is a common problem with motors with unipolar windings. The maximum phase output also simplifies the design control circuits during the phase turnoff and allowing the use of the chip in high-speed motor applications.
Because the NP2671E2 employs a general-purpose Pulse&Dir controller, it can easily control a stepper motor when used in conjunction with a pulse generator. The chip also has built-in phase logic for optimal control of the stepper motor.

Other features of the NP2671E2 driver chip include 2-channel x 500mA continuous output current, an output current of 0.35A/phase, and acceleration current of 0.5A, external phase logic reset terminal (RESET), a thermal shutdown circuit, and a phase origin monitoring output terminal (MO).


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