New Video Wall Controllers from Trenton Feature Matrox Mura MPX Universal Input/Output Boards

Matrox Graphics Inc. and Trenton Systems today announced three new Trenton video wall controllers, tested and validated for use with Matrox Mura™MPX  display wall controller boards. A single Mura MPX PCI Express x16 board facilitates video switching, signal conversion, scaling and de-interlacing across four inputs and four outputs, while combining multiple Mura MPX boards in a single Trenton system simplifies hardware required for larger video wall, digital signage & corporate AV projects.

The Trenton TVC4403 4U rackmount system is a new high-performance, high-density video controller for AV professionals and integrators managing large-scale, collaborative display walls. The TVC4403 features a 14-slot, PCI Express 2.0 Trenton backplane that is currently validated with up to six Matrox Mura MPX display controller boards to support up to twenty-four 1080p HD inputs across twenty-four 1080p HD outputs.

Matrox has also validated two compact Trenton systems with embedded Trenton motherboards and Matrox Mura MPX display wall controller boards—ideal for small to mid-sized video wall designs deployed in space-conscious process control, security surveillance, and corporate boardroom environments. The low-profile TVC3400 shelfmount system incorporates one or two Mura MPX boards supporting up to eight input channels across up to eight displays. The compact TVC4400 shelfmount system includes up to three Mura cards to capture, scale, position and display up to twelve inputs from different sources across up to twelve monitors, projectors, cubes or tiles.

“Trenton is excited to have developed the latest members of its video controller family with Matrox,” said Michael Bowling, President of Trenton Systems. “Our mutual customers will appreciate Trenton system performance in their high-end capture and display applications and how these integrated hardware solutions simplify the installation and start-up of their video display walls.”

"Following closely on the heels of Trenton’s TVC4401 product launch, Matrox is pleased to validate Trenton’s latest rackmount and shelfmount video controller systems," says Helgi Sigurdsson, Product Manager, Matrox Graphics Inc. “Incorporating the unique single-slot, input/output Matrox Mura MPX boards within additional Trenton-designed systems allows Trenton to deliver fully integrated solutions to AV customers running demanding applications on any sized display wall."


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