New MK27/M27 Sensor Pair - Environmentally Sound and Rugged Design!

The MK27 is a magnetically activated Reed Sensor. The sensor is supplied as a set, with the mating M27 actuator magnet. The sensor and the magnet are supplied in a robust aluminum housing, which is designed for screw fastening. The sensor is typically mounted to the fixed surface, while the actuating magnet is mounted on the moving surface. Introduction or removal of the magnetic field determines the closing and opening of the Reed Switch. The robust aluminum housing protects the magnet and sensor from extreme environmental conditions as well as against vandalism or sabotage.

Additionally, the cable, unlike other standard sensors is insulated with a metal jacket, providing an additional security feature.

The MK27 Reed Sensor & M27 Actuator Magnet are particularly suitable for use in alarm systems, position and end position sensing, door and window control, commercial vehicles, engineering, mining, forestry, construction and agricultural machinery.


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