New Extended SCARA Robot Line-up

RH-SD is Mitsubishis latest series of SCARA robots.  The SD series offers class leading speed, precision and ease of integration.  SD robots are built to comply with ANSI/RIA/ISO 10218-1-2007 safety standards and are available in CE and UL models for global acceptance.  A long list of standard features makes this series a perfect choice for applications across many industries.  The SD robots are available in clean class versions.  Payloads are 6KG to18KG with 350 mm to 850mm reaches.  All Mitsubishi robots come with a full two year parts and labor warranty

Key Standard Features:
  • 64 Bit RISC Processing-Faster more precise moves and execution
  • Singularity Avoidance- Ease of programming in areas of singularity
  • Built-in Collision Detection- Safety and cost savings 
  • Compliance Control- User defined path forgiveness
  • Multi-Task Programming- Allows tasks to be easily separated and programmed
  • Single programming software package for all robot types- Efficient program development   
  • MELFA-Vision SW integration tool- Plug and play interface to Cognex cameras
  • Additional axis interface - Plug and play SSCNETIII connection to MR-J3 servos
  • Serial encoder interface - 2 channels for conveyor tracking
  • Ethernet communication port - Easy integration to vision or other accessories
  • USB and RS232 - quick connect to PC


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