New Cost Effective Solution For The Treatment Of Leachate

Axium Process has designed and built a fully automatic, self-contained ultrafiltration (UF) membrane system that purifies leachate and can reduce the quantity of material being disposed of or tankered away. The system, which requires very little manual intervention, removes 100% of suspended solids and up to 85% of COD and can be customised to suit individual site requirements. It requires almost no chemical addition compared to traditional DAF systems, offering significantly reduced chemical running costs.

Axium’s ultrafiltration plant, which has a small plant footprint, can be installed into a standard shipping container to provide protection from extremes of weather and flexibility to re-locate if needed.

The company has a proven track record in the design and build of customised membrane filtration systems and specialises in systems for companies wishing to improve their processes, conserve water, reduce effluent quantities and work towards a “zero” discharge to sewer.


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