Morgan Technical Ceramics ElectroCeramics Launches New Ultrasonic Sensors for Accurate Heat Energy and Water Flow Measurement

Morgan Technical Ceramics (MTC) ElectroCeramics, leading manufacturer of ceramic components, has launched a new sensor which is ideal for reliable and precise heat energy and water flow measurement. The high performance ultrasonic sensors enable designers and OEMs to build accurate measurement equipment including smart metering systems, which are critical to helping society understand and reduce energy usage.
The new sensors are capable of withstanding harsh environments and provide reliable continuous operation in high pressures of 16 bar and high temperatures of up to 120ºC. MTC ElectroCeramics’ materials have exceptional mechanical and electrical properties and offer excellent bandwidth and sensitivity for accurate measurement readings.

Ultrasonic flow meters are a solid state technology with no moving parts and, as such, are more reliable than conventional mechanical meters. They experience no pressure loss, offer nearly maintenance-free operation and are more accurate than many competing systems. The new piezoceramic sensors work by transmitting and receiving ultrasonic waves through water. The flow rate is then calculated as a measurement of time of flight of the waves. The sensors can be easily combined with temperature monitoring devices to be used in a system for heat metering. In addition to complete sensors, MTC ElectroCeramics offers bonded assemblies and piezo ceramic components with full or wrap around electrodes and with gold, nickel or silver plating. The high density, high consistency materials offer exceptional frequency tolerance to ± 1 %, so users can be assured of high accuracy.

The company’s specialist transducer research and development team works closely with customers to design high performance transducers with appropriate encapsulation and cabling to withstand the environmental conditions seen in heat meters. MTC ElectroCeramics experts can adjust the architecture, manufacturing process and material of the sensor for a particular application in low, medium or high volumes to meet the needs of the rapidly growing flow measurement industry. This demand is driven by the increased use of district heating and smart meter systems being installed across the world. MTC ElectroCeramics use the latest tools and software to build prototypes and has state-of-the-art in-house underwater acoustic test tanks and pressure testing facilities to validate the performance of its designs. The vertical integration of all process steps means the company offers custom solutions in relatively short lead times.

“There is increasing demand for industry and homes to become more energy efficient,” says Ewan Campbell, senior transducer engineer at MTC ElectroCeramics. “I’m delighted our new ultrasonic sensors will play a critical role in providing accurate flow measurement for smart meters. They display real time information about energy usage and help businesses and the general public to reduce consumption and increase efficiencies.” MTC ElectroCeramics has been supplying piezoceramic components and ultrasonic sensors for the measurement of hot and cold water for nearly 20 years. The company has recently launched an ultrasonic sensor for gas flow measurement and now offers a wide range of sensors for accurate and reliable utilities measurement.


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