Money Back Guarantee for RonaRoad Pothole Repair

New RonaRoad GreenPatch Pothole Repair now comes with a guarantee; if it fails to perform, *we'll replace the product. Guaranteed. You won't find such a guarantee from any other manufacturer.

We are able to offer such a guarantee because of our confidence in the product and the performance observed both in the laboratory under accelerated test conditions, and in use. The product performs well even when subjected to high and low temperatures, snow and ice, wet and dry and with heavy traffic on the surface.

As with all performance guarantees it requires that the product is correctly installed and that any sign of failure is immediately brought to the attention of the installation contractor.

This unique guarantee comes as an additional - and free - benefit and adds to a list which already includes:

  • environmentally friendly
  • easy to use
  • apply to dry or wet surfaces
  • soft and pliable and mobile during installation, even below freezing


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