Model C2196A - PT L50C-D Dual PSU & Battery Charger 110/240ac;24Vdc2A & 12V1A

The L50C-D is a combined Power Supply and Battery Charger for small  uninterruptible instrument supply applications where 12Volts and 24Volts are required. Providing both 24Volts and 12Volts in battery-backed systems can be inconvenient and costly.

While 12Volts is available in 24Volt battery systems by centre-tapping the two series connected 12Vdc batteries, until now this has been impractical to use because of the different charging requirements of the two batteries. The L50C-D dual voltage charger now makes this possible by the provision of true split rail battery charging to provide balanced charging to both batteries even when 12Volts loads are tapped from the battery pack.

Applications include RTU’s, dataloggers, remote field instruments and alarm systems where the requirement exists to power both 12Volt radios and 24Volt instruments. This DIN rail mounted product is ideal for providing 24Vdc power to instrument systems and 12V Power to battery powered radios.


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