MK26 Reed Sensor – Compact Design – High Switching Power

The new MK26 Reed Sensor from MEDER is characterized by its high switching power in combination with a compact design. Its housing measures only 32mm x 10mm x 6mm, making the MK26 the most slender package within the standard rectangular reed sensor series, as compared to the MK04, MK12, MK13 and MK21.

MK26 sensors are magnetically operated Reed proximity switches designed for screw mounting. The sensor should be mounted on a fixed surface with the actuating magnet on the moving surface. Introduction or removal of the magnetic field determines the closing and opening of the Reed Switch. The MK26 is available in four AT ranges (B, C, D, E) with a wide range of cable and connector options as well as a high power switch option in contact form A, B and C. The MK26 is a versatile sensor, particularly for use in alarm systems, liquid level sensors with floats and position and end position sensing in door and window control applications. This Reed Sensor Series is RoHS compliant.


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