Miniature String Pot Sensor for Low-Cost Linear Position Measurement in Tight Spaces

Variohm EuroSensor has launched a new range of miniature string pot sensors (cable extension linear sensors) from Celesco Inc. that have flexible mounting and are ideal for space-restricted absolute linear position measurement up to a 635 mm range.

The ultra compact SM1 and SM2 Miniatre String Pot Sensors feature a tough polycarbonate housing and a stainless steel measuring cable that has a durable nylon coating and requires no critical installation alignment. The sensors measure just 43 x 31 x 66 mm and with four-point mounting are adapted for tight spaces through an integral bracket that allows four 90-degree opposed mounting orientations as well as front- and back-face fixing.

With a choice of four standard measurement ranges from 0 - 63.5 up to 0 - 635 mm, the long-life plastic hy¬brid potentiometer used in each model delivers a precise voltage di¬vider output from a source voltage of up to 30 VDC that is absolute and linearly proportional to the travel of the spring-loaded cable. The positioning resolution is essentially infinite with a repeatability of 0.05% and accuracy between 0.25% to 1% full scale, depending upon the measurement range selected. The SM1 has solder terminals whilst the SM2 is supplied with a one metre cable.

At just 90 gm, and with a temperature range of -18˚ to 70˚ C and a retraction acceleration factor of up to 15g, the SM1 and SM2 will suit applications across automation and control as well as structural testing. These string pot sensors can also be easily customised for travel range and mounting configuration and with economical pricing, will equally suit single-piece and OEM users.


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