MEDER electronic, Inc. is Streamlining Sensor Design with the Launch of 4 New Reed Sensor & Magnet Design Evaluation Kits!

MEDER electronic, Inc. today announced the release of their new Reed Sensor & Magnet Design and Evaluation Kits, designed by engineers for engineers to streamline the process of sensor system design. These kits provide engineers with quick and convenient access to sensor systems for evaluation purposes, taking the guess work out of the sensor design process. MEDER’s proprietary 3-D magnetic mapping equipment was used to accurately map out the activation distances in mm for 5 different position and movement configurations of each sensor, along with its corresponding magnet.

Choose from 4 evaluation kits: MK04-Kit rectangular screw fastening miniature, MK21P-Kit rectangular screw fastening rugged, MK11/M8-Kit cylindrical M8 threaded mount plastic and MK11/M5-Kit cylindrical M5 threaded mount stainless steel. All kits contain 3 like reed sensors SPST Form A – normally open in 3 different sensitivity classes, B, C and D along with 1 mating actuator magnet in a matching sensor housing. These sensor kits were carefully selected for their popular demand, widespread use and convenient mounting options which include screw fastening or built-in threaded style mounting. All sensors are supplied with a standard stripped and tinned 500mm cable. Printed actuation diagrams and instructions will accompany each kit. Pick up your kit today at Mouser Electronic or Digi-Key Corporation for a fast and accurate approach to your sensor system design.

Use these reed sensor and magnet kits in just about any application requiring liquid level monitoring, position and end limit detection, counting and presence sensing for markets including but not limited to: Agriculture, Automotive, Forestry, HVAC, Material Handling, Automation & Process Control, Security, Appliance and Medical. All are RoHS compliant.


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