MatrikonOPC broadens Wind Portfolio with the OPC Server for Mitsubishi Wind Turbine

MatrikonOPC™ released an OPC Server for Mitsubishi Wind Turbine Controllers. This OPC Server enables Mitsubishi wind turbine controllers to be easily integrated with other automation components such as HMIs, historians, and ERP systems. By facilitating secure, open connectivity between the field and the enterprise, this OPC Server plays a key role in providing visibility into wind farm operations. In turn, this gives wind farm owners and operators access to data they need to operate their wind farms more profitably.

The OPC Server for Mitsubishi Wind Turbine Controllers provides real-time communication to a variety of Mitsubishi Wind Turbine Controllers, enabling users to get status updates from their wind farms anytime and anywhere. This level of visibility provides operators and business analysts the right data to make the right decision at the right time.

"’Today, ‘green’ and ’efficient’ are key priorities for the power industry. With power companies striving to operate in an environmentally friendly and profitable manner, their need for open connectivity is higher than ever. The OPC Server for Mitsubishi Turbine Controllers provides secure and reliable access to wind turbine controller data, giving users the information they need to make crucial decisions in their day to day wind farm operations," said Darek Kominek, Marketing Manager at MatrikonOPC.


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