Low Carbon Demo House Built with H+H

The H+H Thin Joint system with large format Jumbo Bloks has been used in the construction of a low carbon home deigned to meet level 5 of the Code for Sustainable Homes. Town and Country Housing Group (TCHG) in Kent constructed the prototype home to act as a test bed for building to level 5.

The house is designed to be as energy efficient as possible to reduce running costs for the occupants. A fabric first approach means the building structure is constructed to be airtight and thermally efficient to reduce heat loss to a minimum; using Thin Jointed aircrete significantly contributed to this way of building.

Paul White, design and quality manager, TCHG said: 'We used H+H aircrete blocks for the project for their high recycled content as well as their inherently high insulative qualities'. 'This allowed us to construct thinner external walls than alternatives on a tight site whilst still achieving a low U-value'.

He added: 'Using the Thin Joint system with the Ra Build method is a good option because speed of construction means the inner shell can be made weather tight extremely quickly, faster than using traditional masonry techniques thus preventing the structure becoming damp in wet weather and allowing other trades to start internal work earlier'.

'Furthermore, the system offers some thermal mass (to help regulate the temperature in hot weather) over and above standard timber frame options', Paul concluded.

The home is designed to fit in with others in the area and costs GBP205,000 to build - including the renewable energy technology that was being trialled - on land already owned by the housing group.


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