Leak-Free Mag-Drive Pumps for Hazardous Liquids

When pumping applications involve corrosive, toxic, explosive and other hazardous liquids Dickow magnetically coupled centrifugal pumps  are a safe, reliable and leak-free option. Available from pumping specialists Michael Smith Engineers, the Dickow range of pumps includes the KM Series, capable of handling capacities up to 65 m3/hr at heads up to 65 metres.

All KM Series pumps are magnetically coupled, so they are leak free by design as there are no mechanical seals. They are available in either horizontal or vertical configuration and a choice of wetted materials including cast iron, cast steel and stainless steel. The vertical configuration option with the motor mounted on the top eliminates the need for a baseplate so is an ideal choice for where space is limited.

These robust and reliable pumps can handle liquids with viscosities between 0.1 cp and 200 cp at temperatures between -30 to + 200 Deg C. Other features include a pump sleeve bearing made from silicone carbide which is very hard wearing and resistant to corrosion and so guarantees long periods between servicing.

Typical applications for Dickow KM Series pumps include tanker loading and unloading and transferring to and from bulk storage vessels. For example, in food or beverage processing, soap and cosmetics manufacturing, biofuels production, bulk chemical storage, or wherever there is a need for reliable, leak free pumping of larger volumes of hazadous liquids.


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