Key Technology Introduces Iso-Glide™ Vibratory Conveyor

Key Technology introduces its newest vibratory conveyor, Iso-Glide™.  An engineered modification of Key’s popular Iso-Flo® vibratory conveyor, Iso-Glide achieves a motion that resembles horizontal motion, which maximizes sanitation while offering gentle handling and quiet operation. Iso-Glide can perform a range of product handling and packaging distribution functions, including scale feed applications.  It is ideal for many frozen food processors.

Iso-Glide allows processors to experience the continuous self-cleaning benefits of horizontal motion conveying but on an Iso-Flo platform.  Product virtually slides along the stainless steel conveyor bed, which prevents the buildup of coatings, oils, and seasonings.  By limiting vertical acceleration to almost 1 g, Iso-Glide helps reduce plant-level noise that traditional direct drive or other vibratory conveyors can produce with conveying surface-to-product contact.

“With the addition of our new horizontal motion conveyor, Horizon™, earlier this year and now Iso-Glide to our Smart Shaker® family of conveyors, Key offers customers the most complete selection of conveying technologies from one manufacturer,” noted Steve Johnson, Product Marketing Manager at Key Technology.  “Our broad family of conveyors, together with our engineering expertise and integration services, allow us to create the ideal custom line for almost every situation in a food processing plant.”

Iso-Glide uses an independent, frame-mounted drive and spring arm assemblies that distribute energy equally to all parts of the conveyor bed in a controlled, natural-frequency operation.  This operating principle minimizes vibration being transferred to the structural support, reducing the cost of installation and enabling the conveyor to be installed exactly where it is most beneficial – suspended from overhead, supported from the floor, or mounted to other machinery.

Iso-Glide uses the same components as other Iso-Flo conveyors, including StrongArm™ spring arms, Iso-Drive® energy units, and real-time SmartArm™ monitors.  For the thousands of food processors worldwide with installed Iso-Flo conveyors, this commonality eliminates the need to purchase and inventory additional spare parts.

Processors can change the speed and stroke of Iso-Glide in the field to adjust the rate at which product moves.  This flexibility enables processors to efficiently handle a wide range of products.  Key can design Iso-Glide with a variety of custom and standard slide gates, proportional gates, and tip gates as well as various bias, flared, and conical discharges to transfer products smoothly.

Iso-Glide is backed by Key’s industry-leading five-year warranty which ensures customer equipment reliability by design, maximum return on investment, and the lowest total cost of ownership.


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