Jones & Shipman Suprema 650 Cylindrical Grinder Improves Sub-Contractor Competitiveness with up to 50% Cycle Time Savings

Central Grinding Services (CGS) undertakes a wide range of grinding sub-contract work for high tech and general industry across the UK. Services offered include, external, internal, surface, centreless and thread grinding, meeting customers needs from large batch work to specialised “one-offs” and International quality standards to ISO 9001:2000.

“We were looking for a machine to take the skill out of the type of work we do, and also overcome a problem recruiting skilled staff,” said Carl Windram, one of the co-directors of CGS. “We also had a parallel requirement to reduce cycle times on production work to make us more competitive and improve our deliveries. The Suprema 650 machine satisfies all of these requirements – and more. We can now undertake a wider range of work than before, and this is reflected in our improved turnover. The Suprema machine offers real value for money and is affordable for a small company such as ours.”

“Although machine capability and price/performance were our paramount concerns we were also influenced in our buying decision by the reputation of Jones & Shipman in the market, and the service and the application support they could provide, both of which are very good.”

“Before we purchased the Suprema 650, internal grinding was always a problem; but now we run all our production internal work on the Suprema, and achieve much reduced cycle times; as much as 50% on some single bore components. We have also achieved substantial reductions in cycle times in operations where wheels have to be dressed regularly; on exotic aerospace materials, for example. Now, the automatic dressing feature, combined with the general accuracy of the machine, means that we can run all day with minimal fuss and downtime. Moreover, we do not ever need to use gauging, as the machine is so precise and repeatable, even when working to tolerances as tight as 3 microns.”

“The self-teach, ‘Easy’ touchscreen programming software makes it quick and easy to set up the Suprema, the time saved making it economic for us to put smaller quantities on the machine; and we can also change over quickly to meet ever changing customer demands” said Mr Windram. “We also benefit in that the automated cycles take the skill out of the job, so unskilled staff can run the machine once it is set.”


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