IRISS Inc. Opens Asia-Pacific Operations - Expansion Due to Dramatically Increased Opportunities in the APAC Region and to Greater Electrical Safety Awareness Globally

IRISS Inc., the innovator in infrared (IR) window technology and manufacturer of the world's first and only industrial-grade infrared inspection window,announced today the opening of its Asia-Pacific (APAC) operations in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. IRISS-Asia, Pty Ltd will provide regional marketing, sales and support for IRISS's growing client base in the Asia-Pacific region. Garry Ward, Director at Industrial Precision Instruments Pty Ltd Australia is appointed Sales and Marketing Director IRISS-Asia Pty Ltd and will lead IRISS's expansion into one of the fastest growing markets in the world.

Martin Robinson, CEO of IRISS commented: Opening an office in this strategic region of the world means we're able to be more flexible and within a reasonable proximity to potential customers across the Asia -Pacific region. Garry brings over 17 years of Condition-based Monitoring (CBM) service experience and his leadership will guide the team there to increase our global client base. An office based in the Melbourne area is strategic to ensuring our local partners have the support and expertise they need as part of our delivery model.

Garry Ward, Sales and Marketing Director APAC added, "IRISS is renowned for innovative industrial-grade Infrared window designs and a thought-leader in the electrical safety arena. IRISS understands the needs of the industrial mining, manufacturing and power-generation industries and are known for delivering exemplary service and the best industrial infrared window on the market today. It's exciting to have Brenton Ward, in a role as Sales Manager because as a Certified Level III Infrared Specialist, he too possesses the same passion for customer care, electrical safety practices and brings a wealth of knowledge in predictive maintenance (PdM) technology that the America's and EMEA clients already experience."

"Safer inspections using an IR window are a necessity for every company using thermography today and in the future, which is where IRISS leads the worldwide marketplace for industrial-grade IR windows. The use of infrared thermography and ultrasonics in performing electrical inspections of energized equipment, has been brought to the forefront of globally recognized safety standards. It has long been a priority of IRISS to provide greater access to our products in emerging and growth markets that will facilitate increasing safer work practices and growing our operations in APAC will allow just that," said CEO, Mr. Robinson.


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