Install PV Junction Boxes Quickly and Reliably

In the past, combiner boxes for photovoltaic systems had to be opened on site during installation in order to connect the DC cables and protective ground. Wieland Electric introduces a new generation of combiner boxes with completely external connections – even for protective ground.

With connector sockets and a ground feed-through, the junction box no longer has to be opened. Its IP65 protection level remains guaranteed.

gesis® RAN DC Solar PV combiner boxes from Wieland Electric are pre-installed and tested at the factory with terminal blocks, fuses, overvoltage protection modules, DC switch disconnectors, etc. in accordance with customer requirements. They are often installed outside and are subject to wind and weather. In order to guarantee the required IP65 protection level, they feature an all-round seal and pressure compensation seals to prevent condensation. In the previous installation method, the combiner boxes had to be opened on site in order to lead in and connect the cables and protective ground via cable glands. This meant that responsibility for ensuring the degree of protection was transferred to the installation engineer.

In the new combiner boxes, however, the connections are on the outside. The PST 40i1 photovoltaic connector system is used at the DC input/output and is fully wired. A new feature of this range is the special ground feed-through for the ground potential. Again, the protective ground is already connected to the ground feed-through in the combiner box at the factory, and during on-site installation the protective conductor is then simply connected externally. The method of leading through all the connections guarantees protection of up to IP65 for the combiner boxes. In addition, the pluggable connections greatly increase the installation speed.

The ground feed-through is made from nickel-plated brass, which offers a high degree of resistance to corrosion for outdoor use. It can also be used in general machine engineering for other control cabinets and control boxes made from plastic and lead (can be ordered from Wieland using order number 99.570.0000.7 and meets the requirements of standard VDE 0100-712). The ground feed-through is suitable for M8 narrow tubular lugs up to 150 mm² conductor cross-section. The associated internal terminal body of the ground feed-through accommodates conductor cross-sections of up to 35 mm².


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