ifm Introduces a New Line of M12 Passive Wiring Block Systems

ifm introduces a new line of 4-port, 6-port and 8-port M12 passive wiring blocks. ifm’s wiring block systems provide a rugged yet simple solution for wire consolidation in applications with a high-density of input or output connections. These systems can be an alternative to junction boxes and terminal strips.

Installation is quick, and the wiring blocks can mount directly on a machine. ifm‘s wiring block system enables devices to be changed in seconds, greatly reducing maintenance time and eliminating wiring mistakes. The M12 wiring block systems are designed with a mechanical end-stop that prevents possible damage to the Viton o-ring caused by over-tightening. ifm’s wiring block connection technology meets the M12 Standard EN 61076.

ifm wiring block options include cable connection models with 5 and 10 meter cable lengths and models with M23 quick disconnect connectors. Both versions are available with single or dual outputs and with optional LED indication.

Models are available in both DC and AC/DC supply voltage.


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