ifm Introduces the Multi-Code Reader for Reliable Identification of Data Matrix and 1D Codes

The Multi-Code Reader from ifm is designed to read 2D and 1D codes in high-speed industrial automation applications. The versatile Multi-Code reader can identify, verify and qualify most marking methods including dot-peened, laser-etched and printed DMC codes as well as printed barcodes. ifm states that the Multi-Code Reader is a new benchmark for price / performance in reliable identification of Data Matrix and 1D Codes.

Reads any code in fast-moving applications
The Multi-Code Reader features a maximum target speed of 7 meters/second. The unit reads three types of 2D and data matrix codes: ECC200, PDF-417 and QR as well as 19 different styles of printed barcodes. The reader can identify data matrix codes in a variety of applications such as laser-etched code on glass, dot-peened code on highly reflective metal parts, and printed code on plastic.

Integrated four-quadrant lighting segments improve readability
ifm’s Multi-Code Reader incorporates a CMOS images sensor with digital signal processor and an integrated lighting system. The camera features four individual lighting segments that can be turned on or off to achieve the proper brightness and contrast for readability. The camera’s smart algorithm enables the unit to read code placed in any orientation. Even partially damaged or worn codes are reliably identified.

Simple setup features red beam alignment and auto recognition of code
The Multi-Code Reader is easily setup in an application using the camera’s visible red beam for alignment. Its fine focus adjustment and auto recognition eliminates time-consuming setup. The camera can be configured through its on-board menus or through a PC-based software package. For application flexibility, the unit can mounted 2” to 30” from a code. A variety of mounting brackets are available for easy setup.

Easy-to-Use Setup Wizard
Application parameters are quickly established using the camera’s Setup Wizard which is used with a PC. The camera’s integrated verifier system matches read codes with user-defined codes and communicates the decoded data matrix to a controller. The reader has an integrated switching output for digital I/O and an Ethernet TCP/IP or serial RS232 for data transfer.

Low Price / High Performance from ifm
Two 24 VDC models are available with a VGA resolution of 640 x 480. Models are defined according to the required field of view and operating distance. The list price for the Multi-Code Reader is 50% less than competing systems on the market.


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