IEI Launches D525 Series 3.5" SBC with Dual LVDS Support

IEI Technology Corp. (IEI), the global industrial computing innovator, released the WAFER-PV-D4253/N4553/D5253 3.5” Single Board Computer (SBC). The WAFER-PV-D4253/N4553/D5253 is equipped with a single-core Intel® Atom™ D425/N455 processor or a dual-core D525 processor. With supporting 800 MHz DDR3 memory and an increased processor speed of 1.8 GHz, IEI D525 series SBCs are designed for affordable entry level computing applications. The key features of the WAFER-PV-D4253/N4553/D5253 include ASF 2.0 support and UEFI BIOS architecture to support over 2.2 TB of HDD storage with a 64-bit operating system.

Dual display support is provided through the 24-bit dual-channel LVDS interface, supporting resolution up to 1920x1080. The WAFER-PV-D4253/N4553/D5253 also comes complete with several I/O options including eight USB ports, two SATA 3Gb/s ports, one CF Type II ports, four COM ports, and an audio connector.

All IEI Intel® Atom™ D425/N455/D525 SBCs include IEI’s unique One Key Recovery software solution. The software eliminates the frustration of system recovery after unexpected system failure. One Key Recovery is an easy way to create full system backup on demand and system restoration to a previously made backup with a single click.


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