Hydrolab MS/DS - Series 5 with Superior Sensor Technology

NEW! Second generation Hach LDO technology features an improved structural design for even longer deployments and reduced maintenance. Extremely high precision through the use of the optical LDO measurement method (Luminescent Dissolved Oxygen). Calibrations last up to 1 year. Easy to maintain since no membranes are used. Clark cell is available as an alternative.

The selfcleaning system can be adjusted according to environmental conditions and can execute up to 10 cleaning cycles prior to every measurement. A measurement range of 3000 NTU permits turbidity measurement even during heavy rain or other events. Also available: 4-beam turbidity and standard turbidity.

The open cell allows reliable measurements even under the most serious environmental conditions:
Sediment drops down and air bubbles rise. Salt content, electrical resistance and TDS can be individually maintained as calculated values.

The reference electrode can be refilled quickly and easily independent of the pH sensor. The pH sensor doesn’t have to be replaced when the reference electrode is empty.

Uses a simple platinum strip that either discharges electrons or absorbs them, so as to observe chemical reactions, determine ion activity or to determine oxidizing or reducing properties of a solution.


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