Huco Dynatork Extends Elastomeric Choice

The new Huco Dynatork L-Jaw elastomeric couplings are an economical, proven solution for general purpose applications. They are fully interchangeable with other industry-standard designs and provide both quality and affordability. Their addition to the company’s range further enforces its ability to provide a coupling to meet any application need.

This range of straight, torsionally soft, couplings is new to Huco Dynatork but widely used in the US . These products are easy to install and require no lubrication or maintenance. The design uses the flexibility and resilience of a polyurethane element of which four types are available to suit the needs of the application: Buna-N rubber, Urethane, Hytrel and bronze.

Huco Dynatork L-Jaw couplings are an excellent choice for all light and medium duty, industrial applications where the take-up of vibration is an important factor. Models are available with torque capacities up to 0.70 kNm.


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