High Torque Overload Safety Coupling Series ST

Made to protect gearboxes and driveline equipment from failure due to torque overload, the all new ST1 torque limiter from R+W offers versatility in a compact design. The modularity allows for a complete breakaway at widely adjustable torque levels - anywhere from 737 to 118,000 lbs-ft, across just four body sizes, and up to 306,000 lbs-ft for special applications. Clutch re-engagement can be performed through the use of mallets, or pry bars, or with a specialized jack screw tool provided by R+W.

The ST1 is the base model for standard specifications, available with straight keyed bore or frictional clamping hub. The versatile ST1 can be mounted inline with universal drive shafts, or mounted to sprockets, pulleys, gears and sheaves. Many other flexible coupling types are also available for customization. Standard release torque values depend on the diameter and number of safety elements, allowing for a continuous adjustment range and easy retrofit for torque increases. Fine torque adjustment is straight forward and simple as well, with a marked scale on each individual element.

The key advantage of the ST series is the fast and simple re-engagement. After overload and disengagement the operator needs only to snap the individual plungers back into engagement. There are no shear pins, hydraulic fittings or other spare parts to purchase and replace. Equipment is up and running in the minimum possible time. The ST is also available with custom flanges, torque settings, integral brake discs, or other types of project-specific customization.


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