For High Performance in a Tight Integrated Motion Application, the KBM™ Frameless Brushless Motor is the Answer

Introduced by Micromech is the Kollmorgen new family of frameless, brushless motors derived from the proven and extensive portfolio of Kollmorgen  designs. They are available in fourteen sizes for low or high voltage operation delivering torque, power and speed, within a cost-effective package and have a compact footprint. They give the system designer high flexibility in specifying a motor that fits the specific performance and dimensional requirements of the application but without incurring expensive engineering or other capital fees. Their advanced electromagnetic designs deliver maximum torque density which minimises required motor space envelope. They have extremely smooth rotation with minimal cogging, low total harmonic distortion (THD) and a broad operating speed range with rapid acceleration.

OEMs tasked with designing a highly optimised and tightly integrated machine or device will find KBM motors to be an excellent choice due to their unique design, which inherently improves mechanical compliance. They dramatically reduce the parts count; and improve performance through the use of powerful direct-coupled electro-magnetics, yet within a lightweight and compact form factor.

When directly coupled to the machine’s load, KBM motors offer exceptional direct drive rotary benefits over traditional mechanical transmission systems by eliminating the compliant components of the system, such as gearboxes, timing belts and pulleys. KBM motors increase a machine throughput, reduce noise and reduce maintenance requirements to extend a machine’s useful life. These benefits are provided in a compact, yet high-performance footprint, which allows OEMs to design smaller, more cost effective machines. These motors out-perform through their lower maintenance and repair costs, shorter machine downtimes and longer service life, plus their level of efficiency is at least 10% greater than that of mechanical transmission solutions such as gearbox and timing belt systems.

They are offered in standard 14 frame sizes ranging from 60mm to 825mm diameter, 7 lengths and over 150 pre-designed motor windings, and 240 VAC or 480 VAC operation. To customer’s specification, additional motor windings can be offered to allow optimised performance at lower voltages such as 12 or 24 VDC. Each frame size is available with up to 3 or 4 stack lengths and feature fully encapsulated stator windings for superior thermal and environmental performance. Internal windings are rated for continuous duty operation up to 155°C (311°F), enabling highly reliable performance even under extreme duty and temperature conditions.

Rare-earth neodymium Iron Boron magnets provide high continuous torque ranging from 1.45 Nm up to 3445 Nm and peak torque ranging from 4.91 Nm up to 12,812 Nm for maximum power ranging from 550 W up to 18.5 KW within the smallest motor package. They also boast maximum excellent speeds available at rated power from 105 RPM up to 18,600 RPM. They are capable of driving high inertia loads with large inertia ratios between the rotor and load, also score points for dynamics, with outstanding acceleration and deceleration times which contribute to maximising machine performance.

In addition rotor hub dimensions can be customised within certain constraints enabling machine builders to tailor the KBM to their unique physical requirements. Metal retaining bands to enable fail-safe motor operation protect the rotor magnets. Furthermore they include an integral PTC thermistor (avalanche-type) so that overload protection meets UL/CE agency compliance guidelines.

Their design and performance attributes make KBM frameless brushless motors an attractive option in any number of medical, metal processing and cutting, aerospace and defence and oil and gas equipment applications that demand a highly optimised and tightly integrated motion solution. They are also extremely well suited for use in semiconductor and electronic assembly, renewable energy and vehicle electrification applications. The KBM series is the result of many years of motor design and development expertise to offer a power-dense, modular and flexible set of motors, that are highly cost effective and available in a lead time of 4 weeks. Many component options and modifications are available to help OEMs quickly develop cost-effective machines with motion solutions that are optimised for the best package size and performance.


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