Flir E-Series High-Performance Pan-Tilt Units

FLIR Motion Control Systems Inc. (formerly Directed Perception), a leading manufacturer of advanced products for the control and positioning of sensors, today announced the launch of its E-Series families of computer controlled pan/tilt units. The E-Series pan/tilt models incorporate an integrated 32-bit microcontroller providing improved motion control fidelity including higher command rates, lower jitter, built-in Ethernet interface for IP and web control, and expandable payload I/O. The E-Series models also include integrated digital encoders providing user-configurable ranges of motion and more robust operation in unpredictable environments.

The following E-Series models are available:

  • PTU-D48 E-Series – payloads to 15 lbs; integrated slip-ring, compact, rugged
  • PTU-D100 E-Series – payloads to 25 lbs; IP67, suitable for fixed and mobile applications
  • PTU-D300 E-Series – heavy duty payloads to 70 lbs; high-duty cycles; multiple wiring options


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